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If you live in Poland and have found yourself in a difficult situation or have been thinking about a change in your life for some time and feel you need help, maybe this is a good time to make an appointment with me for a consultation.

My name is Agnieszka Baldauf, I am 46 years old and I am a Gestalt psychotherapist and zen coach. I work both in my office and online in Polish and English language with adults, young people, couples and families.

Gestalt psychotherapy and Zen Coaching have a lot in common, allowing for a true, close and healing meeting with another person.

I gained my psychotherapeutic experience and knowledge, among other things, at the School of Psychotherapists and Group Trainers at the Institute of Integral Psychotherapy Gestalt in Krakow, as well as working at a  psychiatric ward in a hospital, taking part in various workshops and trainings, and working at  my own practice. My work undergoes constant individual and group supervision under the aegis of certified supervisors. I work in accordance with professional ethics, the principles of which are contained in the Code of Ethics of the European Association of Gestalt Psychotherapy.

I support my therapeutic work with clients by using psychodrama techniques, work with dreams, visualisation and therapeutic fairy tales and also with panic, trauma and PTSD using the  EMDR method. By using a lot of experiments during the sessions, clients become aware of their own needs, emotions and underlying mechanisms  and learn how to cope better in difficult situations.

I am at the side of my clients during their crises, healing processes, self-awareness and discovery of the natural energy to live, feel, act, learn and decide. I help them to recover from loneliness and loss, to heal their relationships with their loved ones and with themselves, to find inner strength to realise their own plans and make life decisions. Together we discover the right work life balance, being for ourselves and being for others, a sense of strength and  weakness, with acceptance of how we are. I believe that life is about finding the right balance in order to use our inner vitality and feel healthy and satisfied. 

As part of short or long term psychotherapy, I help clients struggling with life’s problems, or  difficult experiences from the past, by raising awareness, supporting their development, exploring areas of behaviour, emotions, ways of thinking and feelings from the body, for a better understanding of ourself, our inner acceptance, authenticity and cohesion.

I support clients in treating their disorders and troublesome symptoms, in suffering and loneliness, in finding their own way to health, joy and a sense of fulfilment in life so that they can regain a sense of influence over their actions. Additionally, as part of my coaching work, I support people in looking for their natural potential and possibilities for change.

Prolonged bad mood, helplessness, anxiety, anger or other strong emotions certainly want to tell us something. Don’t ignore them, we can look at your situation together and look for ways to deal with it, so I invite you to my practice or to a meeting online via Skype or Zoom communicators.

I am accompanied by a deep conviction and belief that change in your life is possible!

Price for session:

  • 210 PLN for individual session (50 minutes)
  • 320 PLN for couple session (75 minutes)
  • 390 PLN for family session (90 minutes)

address: Kraków, ul. K. Wyżgi 21a

phone: +48 607 567 796